Discover the Best Midwives in Maryland For Your Family

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There is a burgeoning community of nearly 200 certified midwives in Maryland. These midwives stand ready to assist you on your incredible journey to motherhood! The task of selecting the ideal partner for your birthing plan may initially appear to be a daunting one, given the abundance of choices available. Fear not, as I am here to guide you through this exciting process by shedding light on a select few midwives in Maryland who have garnered recognition based on their exceptional expertise and strategic locations in and around the area. Allow me to provide you with insightful details about these dedicated professionals, ensuring that you can make an informed decision tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

Find the Midwives In Maryland That Fit Your Unique Needs and Birth Plan

Midwives Near Baltimore

With the highest population of new babies each year, Baltimore, Maryland, also has increased the number of midwives in the last few years. For over 10 years, the midwife at Moonstone Midwifery has supported holistic home births around Baltimore. Birthwise Midwifery supports home births within an hour of their office in Glyndon, MD, with an on-staff midwife and student midwife. 

The Womb Room offers yoga classes, doulas, therapists, group events, educational workshops, and lactation support. 

Midwives Near Columbia, Maryland

In Maryland, midwives are present at just over 10% of all births. Here are a few centers nearby to check out. Brittney Riddick is a professional birth assistant and midwifery student providing non-medical support to mothers. She can support mothers as a doula, childbirth educator, lactation consultant, and massage therapist. My Way Birth and Women’s Services provides home-based midwifery services. Care includes prenatal and postpartum care for mothers in addition to labor and delivery. Ascension Saint Agnes OB/GYN Columbia provides a wide range of specialties through individualized care. Their midwives provide patients with comprehensive care from prenatal to postpartum care. 

Midwives Near Germantown, Maryland

Around Germantown, there are a few midwives I want to quickly highlight for you. M.A.M.A.S Midwives are a one-stop location for comprehensive care in Maryland and D.C. They support at-home and water births with the support of a certified midwife. Rock Creek Midwifery offers home birth support around D.C. and Maryland. They provide holistic care through pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum care for clients who are low-risk. Aglow Midwifery provides prenatal, labor and delivery, as well as postpartum care. All from the comfort of your own home. Above all, their care is safe and evidence-based to provide women with the experience they deserve during pregnancy. 

Midwives Near Frederick

The last group of midwives we are going to chat about are located near Frederick, Maryland. Midwifery Care Associates is a full-scope midwifery practice with locations in Rockville, Gaithersburg, as well as Fredrick. They provide families support through shared healthcare decision-making processes. All of the midwives at Riverside Midwifery are transitioning to their own individual practices. Visit the main Riverside Midwifery site for direct links to their new sites. Northern Virginia Birth Services is a professional doula group with educational childbirth workshops. Customized group support is available to families. So they can make informed healthcare decisions. 

Midwives In Maryland

Hopefully, after reading this, you feel more confident about your choices of midwives in Maryland. Midwifery practice is overall increasing around the world as a natural and supportive professional medical care provider for expecting mothers. 

Before you head out to visit the midwives, let me quickly introduce myself. I am a professional maternity, newborn, and milestone photographer in the Baltimore area. So, I’d love to connect and start planning your family’s next in-home photography session!

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