Discover the Best Birthing Centers in DC for Your New Family

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As a mother, choosing where you deliver your newborn is an important part of developing your birthing plan. These birthing centers in DC will be a perfect start to your journey for an ideal location to welcome your new little one. 

A Comprehensive Guide to Birthing Centers in DC to Welcome Your Newborn

Community of Hope

Many families begin at Community of Hope for family planning, counseling, and support. This comprehensive center can provide prenatal support, exams, and more once you become pregnant. Community of Hope is one of the nationally accredited birthing centers in DC, with eight staff midwives to support low-risk pregnancies. Breastfeeding education and support are available to clients in person, via phone, or after birth. 

Premier Birth Center

If you are looking for a home-like setting to deliver your baby, then Premier Birth Center is the best option for you. In the DC area, they are one of the few accredited birthing centers with four birthing suites that all include deep soaking tubs. Many women find water to reduce pain and stress during labor and may wish to deliver in water. 

The center provides patients with education and information to reduce pain naturally without medication. Premier Birth Center is the only location in Virginia accredited for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) and water births. Home births are also available through the center with the support of the experienced providers on staff. 

GW Hospital

The George Washington (GW) University Hospital provides care to the community for all types of pregnancies. The physicians can deliver babies naturally or through cesarean section when required. The facility is equipped with hydrotherapy tubs to reduce pain during labor. Midwives are available through the hospital for women who wish to deliver naturally and unmedicated. 

GW Hospital supports women who require maternal-fetal medicine care for high-risk pregnancies and centers around your additional birthing needs. They have an on-site Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) if your child needs additional medical attention after birth. 

The Birth Center

The Birth Center is another facility with a home-like setting for expecting mothers to deliver in a comfortable atmosphere. There are two birthing suites on site, and both are equipped with jetted tubs to provide relaxation and pain relief during labor. The Birth Center is an all-inclusive facility around holistic birthing experiences in DC. The staff includes nurse-midwives to support expecting mothers with low-risk pregnancies and prenatal care. 

Birthing Centers in DC

Locating birthing centers in DC will take time, and hopefully, these four locations will be at the top of your list. Each location is centered around what is best for mothers and their newborns. 

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