Baltimore Newborn Photography

What could be more precious than this?

Let’s capture this time before it’s gone — and preserve it in your home, so you can remember as they grow

This moment — when your baby is sleepy all the time and cuter than anything you’ve ever seen — is just as tiny as they are. Two weeks after they’re born, they’ll have already grown so much.

You want to remember the newborn stage because you know just how special it is. When their head is barely bigger than the palm of your hand, and you can’t imagine anything sweeter.

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“When I saw the finished product, it was just like, Angela got it. I knew I was going to have these pictures for life. She just nailed my heart.”


When your kids see photos of themselves with mom and dad on the walls…

Something special happens

They see that they’re part of something bigger.
They know they matter.
They know they belong.

That’s why each session starts with a design consultation and ends with an ordering appointment and installation.

When I know what space we’re working with in your home, I can compose images to fit that space and decor style. Maybe it’s a collage in the family room; maybe it’s one large vertical image for the nursery, or maybe it’s an album you’ll flip through at bedtime.

These are the most significant pieces of art you’ll own. Let’s make sure you love them.

I can’t wait to hear about your home.


You’ve got enough on your plate — let me take care of you throughout this experience

From the minute you reach out, I want you to know you have more than a sounding board.

You have a guide, a professional, and someone who will do everything they can for you.

  • From helping you plan the color scheme, wardrobe, and composition for your session based on your style
  • To making sure your baby is comfortable by bringing items like a space heater and appropriately sized props
  • To sending a professional installer over with your final products, so your portraits are hung on your walls without adding a thing to your honey-do list

This is a done-for-you photography experience, from start to finish. And you deserve nothing less.

“Angela Is Professional In Every Way.

This was my first time doing a photoshoot for myself & my daughter so I didn’t know what to expect, but she made our experience wonderful. She picked the most beautiful colors for us to wear & it showed in the pictures. The pictures came out so beautifully. I absolutely love them. We are so thankful for everything & we look forward to more sessions with her.”


I’ll bring the studio to your home.

We can get beautiful portraits of your family without the hassle of packing up the kids and driving across town.

I know how much it takes to get everybody up, dressed, and fed. That’s plenty. You do that part, and I’ll come to you.

By the time I’m at your doorstep, we’ll have already talked about everything you want captured in these photos. I’ll have the backdrops, props, equipment, and wardrobe items ready to bring inside. You just sit back and relax.

“I could tell Angela was a professional. She effortlessly posed us for pictures and quickly took shots of our candid moments. 

As a mom herself, she understands how stressful it can be to get the family together, let alone coordinate outfits for the day. So, she offers to style you with items from your own closet or you can choose items from her Wardrobe Closet! I couldn’t be happier with our family photo shoot.”



From maternity to first birthday, let’s capture….

The sleepy smiles

The toothless grins

Their little personality starting to show

You can’t stop them from growing
But you can remember how precious this season was