Why Maryland Doulas Can Create a Calming Birthing Experience

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There are a wealth of resources available for women preparing to become mothers available in Maryland. One of these resources are Maryland doulas. For those who don’t know, a doula is a woman who provides guidance and support to a pregnant woman during labor. Whether you are expecting or looking for postpartum assistance to walk you through the motherhood transition, understanding your options as a new mother can make all the difference.

3 Maryland Doulas to Assist You Through Birth

Metropolitan Doulas

Metropolitan Doulas is a group of trained and experienced postpartum doulas serving Washington D.C, Northern Virginia, and parts of Maryland. Their postpartum doulas provide the care and education new mothers need to feel relaxed and ready to take on the challenge of parenthood. They offer expert advice, feeding support, newborn care, sleep guidance, meal preparation, and light housekeeping. Using a doula can allow a new mother to sleep, relax, and focus on creating a relationship with their child.

They offer a free consultation with their Maryland doulas to ensure an appropriate match and learn about their values. Metropolitan Doulas also hosts a free Postpartum Preparation class, as well as private in-home classes starting at $200 for training in CPR, Preparing for a Baby, Your Older Baby (6 months and older), and a class for Your Toddler (12 months and older). They also have Virtual Group classes and offer the option to purchase a gift certificate for a new mother to have doula services.

Silver Spring Doula

Silver Spring Doula consists of two Maryland doulas, Rose and Jenny, who work as a team and specialize in personalized care. They serve clients in the Maryland Suburbs, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia. They believe a doula is critical to birth. Having someone you know and can trust to help you during labor is something a hospital cannot promise. Silver Spring Doula has its clients meet both doulas during a private virtual meeting before signing a contract.

In addition, they host prenatal community visits virtually via zoom and encourage their clients to attend at least one workshop to learn about what they are about to go through. Each client gets private or virtual prenatal visits, labor support, immediate postpartum and breastfeeding support, and a postpartum visit in your home. They are both available 24/7 for postpartum assistance via phone, text, or email for six weeks after your birth. They offer both Classic and Virtual Doula services.

Crowned & Cradled

Tiara Caldwell started Crowned & Cradled in 2015 after a traumatic birth experience delivering twins. After researching health outcomes and policies, she discovered what a doula is. She went on to help other mothers like her. Crowned & Cradled provides doula services, lactation consulting, and childbirth education to ensure that each mother receives “personalized and royal treatment.” Birth You Desire, another Maryland doula service, provides birthing and postpartum doulas in addition to a variety of services: TENS rentals, CPR training, placenta encapsulation, and birth consultations. They also host Birth Classes, Nutritional Coaching, and Doulas virtually.

Maryland Doulas

Each doula service has its strengths and specialties, so it’s essential to consider your goals for your birth before selecting a doula. Maryland doulas provide a complete support system for women preparing for a child. They are a great way to ease into motherhood.

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