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Let Mommy Sleep

Today we would like to introduce you to Let Mommy Sleep which was developed by Colleen Blank offering overnight care to newborns.  If you are having problems getting your baby to sleep they make a house visit. I hope you enjoy learning more about Let Mommy Sleep.

Let Mommy Sleep

Tell me about your business?

Let Mommy Sleep is a really simple service. We provide overnight care to newborns and evidence-based education to their parents. Our team is made up of Registered Nurses and other licensed professionals, as well as experts in the care of twins and triplets.  We’ve been caring for DC-area families since 2010 and our ultimate goal is to continue advocacy to make postpartum visits a national norm and help develop a national standard of care for brand new families.

How did you get started?

My twin girls were born in 2009 when my son was just 1 year old. My husband had no paternity leave and I had birth complications that left me in fragile health. From my personal experience, along with a background in small business, I felt called to help other moms and families like mine!

Let Mommy Sleep Family

What’s your favorite part of your business?

We truly are honored to work with such incredible families. Each time a family allows us to come into their home and care for their baby we take it very seriously. We develop a deep bond with these families and are so glad that we are able to encourage, provide education, and assist new parents in such a transitional time in their lives.

Anything you’re looking to do next, new products, services, etc. that you would like to share?

We are very excited to provide a new service, a set of two Private In-Home Classes. The first class occurs before the baby is born and goes over newborn care, CPR, and First Aid. We encourage the parents, family members, and other caregivers to attend. This is wonderful because it gets everyone on the same page in regard to the highest standard for care.

The second class occurs after the baby is born where an RN comes to the house and does a full mental and physical health assessment of both parents and provide feeding support and instruct on proper newborn care. The Nurses also answer all the questions the new parents have in the comfort of their own home.

Fox5 twins Let Mommy Sleep

In addition to our new service, we are always expanding with new franchises – this year we are looking into adding new locations in Salt Lake City and the west coast. Our Leesburg office here in VA celebrates its 1 year anniversary on February 1st.

In DC we partner with over 200 businesses through the INOVA benefits system and love working with our corporate partners.

Let Mommy Sleep in DC

We truly love what Let Mommy Sleep is doing for moms. If you are in need of their service please check them out. If you haven’t had a chance to look at our other post about services in the community please check them out too.

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