What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

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The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist from Angela Singleton Photography

Preparing for childbirth can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience, and knowing what to pack in your hospital bag can bring a sense of comfort and readiness for the big day. Whether you’re a first-time parent or adding to your growing family, knowing what essentials to pack can make your hospital stay more comfortable and stress-free. In this blog post, I’ll guide you through a comprehensive list of items to include in your hospital bag, considering both the practical necessities and the personal touches that can make the birthing experience more enjoyable. From must-have medical documents to cozy comforts that can create a calming atmosphere, let’s ensure your hospital bag is both practical and personalized for the big day!

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Essential Attire for Mom: Comfort and Functionality

First and foremost, comfortable clothing is crucial for labor. Loose-fitting clothes provide the flexibility and comfort necessary during this time. A robe or sweater can add warmth in the often chilly hospital environment. Slippers or comfortable socks are a must, and nursing bras or comfortable bras will support you through the labor and postpartum period. Remember to pack plenty of underwear and maternity pads for your post-birth recovery.

Hygiene and Personal Care

Essential toiletries to pack include a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and any other personal care products you regularly use. Hair ties or headbands can help keep your hair out of your face during labor and feeding baby, and you may want some lip balm for dry lips during labor breathing. Don’t forget nursing pads, which can be a lifesaver when your milk comes in.

Nourishment and Hydration

Staying nourished and hydrated is key. Pack your favorite snacks, like energy bars, nuts, and dried fruit, for a quick energy boost, and a reusable water bottle with a straw for easy hydration. Make sure to throw in a couple of delicious treats, because you deserve it!

Comforts of Home

Your own pillow from home can make a huge difference in a hospital bed, while a book, magazine, or your favorite music can provide entertainment during your stay. Maybe download your favorite shows on your device, in case the wifi isn’t the best for streaming. Don’t forget to bring chargers for your electronics, preferably extra-long ones, because the outlets may be far from your bed. 

For Baby: Welcome to the World, Little One

Your new arrival will need a few essentials. The hospital will provide most things, but it can’t hurt to pack some newborn diapers, wipes, onesies, and swaddle blankets. Your baby will need a hat and socks to stay warm, as well as a special outfit for the journey home. Also, ensure you have a car seat properly installed in your vehicle for the ride home. Most fire departments will do this for you free of charge, as well as other resources in the Baltimore, MD, area like KISS, Maryland Families Engage, and Safe Kids Montgomery County

For the Birthing Partner: Support and Comfort

Your birthing partner will need to pack comfortable clothes, snacks, drinks, chargers, and entertainment items as well. Make sure he/she has a list of important contacts to notify about the big event and a camera or phone for photos.

Miscellaneous Essentials

Don’t forget to bring along important documents such as your ID, insurance information, and any necessary medications. If you have a birth plan, bring that along too, of course, even if you’ve already given it to your doctor. Consider packing a pen and notebook to jot down important information or memories, cash for vending machines or other expenses, and any other comfort item like your favorite fuzzy blanket.

Capture Your Baby’s First Moments

As a professional newborn photographer in Baltimore, Maryland, who LOVES photographing newborns, I understand the preciousness of your baby’s first moments. Be sure to have a plan for your birth partner or another family member to take photos before, during, and after the birth. When you are all caught up in the moment, it’s easy to forget to take photos, and you will definitely want to look back at those snapshots. Once you’re home, I’d be honored to help you capture your new sweet bundle in the first few weeks with professional photos.

Let Me Do the Work

Now that you’re prepared for your hospital visit, let’s prepare to capture your newborn’s tiny feet, little wrinkles, and sweet expressions. You will be adjusting to your new normal, recovering from childbirth, and trying to catch some sleep. When you book a newborn session with me, I’ll plan it based on the end product you want. If you don’t know quite what you want, I’ll ask you questions about your home decor and can even show you what photos would look like on different walls in your home. We’ll plan your family’s outfits together with what’s already in your closet. Or, you can access my wardrobe to borrow something. You can add on hair and makeup, so you can get glammed up right from your living room.

I will bring everything the baby needs for your session – from a space heater to blankets to baskets. During your session, I’ll make sure we get all of the images that are important to you taken care of. Your job is to relax.

When it’s time to look at your photos (and cry a few happy tears), I’ll help you sort through them. At your ordering appointment, we can decide on a collection and prints based on what will look best in your home. When it’s time to install that stunning portrait in the nursery, I’ll send a professional installer. 

Reach out, and let’s chat about it!

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