The Importance of Professional Black Newborn Photography for Black Families 

picture of black newborn photography family image above couch

In addition to taking pictures of precious little ones, I am passionate about using my art and my business to bring my voice and a positive change to the racial issues I see in our country today. As a Black photographer in the DMV area, I have a firsthand perspective on the lack of diversity in professional photography – particularly newborn photography. When most people think of newborn photography, pictures of white babies in the arms of white parents come to mind. These photos are beautiful, and it is always such a special thing to witness the love and bond of a family welcoming a new member into the world. But something I long to see and to help directly increase black newborn photography for Black families. 

Black newborn photography sends a message to the child. When a child or even a young adult sees photos of themselves as newborns in the arms of their parents, a powerful message is sent. Love, tenderness, and prioritization of them as beloved children may be seen and felt as they look through images of their parents posing with them as new babes. A newborn portrait session takes a lot of intentionality since those early days are full of postpartum recovery, sleep deprivation, figuring out feeding, etc. That intentionality is an expression of love for a treasured new member of the family, and it is a beautiful thing for that child to see such an expression of love and to know that from the very beginning, they were wanted and cherished. 

Black newborn photography sends a message to the world. In the same vein of newborn photos showing an intentional expression of affection for your baby, a newborn portrait session can be a statement to the world that your baby is important, loved, wanted, and that your Black baby matters. The photos are a statement not only about your baby, but also about you. For too long, the image of Black parents has been distorted by harmful stereotypes perpetuated by mainstream media and societal biases. Black parents have often been unfairly portrayed as absentee, negligent, and uninvolved in their children’s lives, which is a gross misrepresentation of reality. In truth, Black parents are deeply invested in their children’s well-being and often face significant obstacles in raising their families due to systemic racism and inequality. It is time to challenge these harmful narratives and recognize the resilience, strength, and love that Black parents bring to their families and communities. We need more images out there showing Black family bonds and parents caring for their children.  This not only sends an important message to those of other races, but also to other Black families. 

Black newborn photography brings representation into your home. Historically, Black children have grown up in a world where the only representation they see of their race in this country is that of an oppressed minority. Representation at all has been at a minimum. From movie characters to dolls and action figures, most of what Black children have seen is white representation. Thankfully, that is starting to change, and you can be part of that change. In a world of underrepresentation and often misrepresentation, you have the opportunity to send your child the powerful message that they are significant and hold a special place in this world. 

Black newborn photography brings representation into the world. It is important for Black and white people alike to see positive Black representation. The way people of color are portrayed in the media shapes the way people view us, so let’s bring positive change to that narrative. Representation is part of reaching that end, and photography is part of representation. Photos of Black newborns and families circulated on social media and photography blogs can make more of a subconscious change for those looking at the images than we realize. 

Beautiful, professional images of Black newborns being snuggled and kissed can have a profound impact on society, and the fact that I get to be a part of this impact makes me so excited. What a privilege it is to work with such precious little ones and their families while also helping to make a social impact! If you are a family of color, I invite you to join me in this effort to capture precious moments while also sending a message to the world. It is special work we get to do and I would love the opportunity to do it with you. If you are interested in booking a shoot with me, please reach out to me here! I look forward to working with you!

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