We have all thought about this one time in our lives. Hopefully it was not when you was graduating from High School over 10 years ago.

Well every mom including myself, I often worry about this very thing when it comes to scheduling a family photo session. We want to make sure our family looks awesome but also want to make sure the clothes we pick out will not look dated 5 plus years from now. I will often offer suggestions that need to be classic enough for that wall portrait for future generations to love. Therefore we always try to guide our clients to have a wide array of options through our What to Wear Guide. This guide will give you a list of online stores options from Traditional, Modern Classic, Modern Trendy or some Funky Euro style to just name a few. We are here to help you.

However, sometimes some of our mom’s need a visual diagram of some options. Here is a start to my Family Session Outfit. I would love to hire a studio stylist to help my clients design their wardrobe. If you are interested or know someone that is please email me.

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