organize your photos online

Does it ever drive you crazy to try and find pictures on your computer for your child’s school project?  Your pictures are all safely backed up on your computer, but they are so disorganized that it takes 45 minutes to find anything! This is called computer clutter!  It’s a lot like having a desk with a huge pile of pictures on it and you have to physically sort through them to find what you are looking for.  An organized desk will have nicely labeled folders with all of the contents sorted accordingly and your pictures folder in your computer should look the same way.

If you are suffering from this kind of computer clutter, then to keep your photos organized and easy to locate, start by creating one folder in your pictures folder of your computer that is for the entire year, and is labeled by the year.  Then create one folder inside of this for each month of the year.  Now when you go to upload your images, you can easily dump them into the month and year that they were taken.  This takes all the frustration out of trying to find that certain vacation photo and truly helps you to be able to find any photo any time!