You just found out you’re expecting and now you’re searching Google for a newborn photographer near me. But what are some tips you should consider when looking for that perfect photographer for you.

Newborn Photographer Near Me

Tip for choosing a newborn photographer

With the increase of digital cameras readily available to consumers we have found an increase of people wanting to be a newborn photographer. So how do you choose one in the many pages of newborn photographers listed on Google?

Here are a list of some tips when you’re searching for newborn photography.

Tip 1. Does your photographer specialize in newborn photography?

Newborn photography is a specialized genre. To be a good baby photographer it is not just about understanding light but also the proper techniques to how to work with babies. It is important for your photographer to understand how to settle and position them safely.

Newborn Photographer Near Me

Tips 2. How long has your photographer been photographing newborns?

As with any profession in life it takes time to become good at what you do. Choosing a photographer that has more experience means that you can feel comfortable that they have the experience needed to capture the best possible images of your baby. The more experienced newborn photographer is able to understand the quirks of babies and can read their temperaments better. Finding an experienced newborn photographer will inevitably cost you more to hire versus a newbie, but as the saying goes, you normally get what you pay for.

Tip 3. Is your newborn photographer running a registered business?

It is important to know if your photographer is running a professional business. As explained earlier anyone can buy a camera and start taking pictures but are they registered to photography in that state. To have a professional business not only do they have a registered business but they are also insured. No one wants to think about the what ifs but it is important to know that your baby photographer has the proper insurance.

Newborn Photographer Near Me

Tip 4. Does your photography prioritize newborn safety over getting that perfect shot?

Newborn safety should always be the first priority in working with babies. There is no photograph worth putting a baby at risk to achieve any image. When searching for a newborn photographer do no be afraid to ask what their safety procedures are. If you feel at any time uncomfortable with what your photographer is doing please say something. Your baby is very precious and deserves to be treated with the utmost safety.

Tip 5. Do you like the photographer’s work?

Every photographer has their own style and type of photography that they love. It is important while doing your search for that newborn photographer near me, that you take that into consideration. You can find photographers that like to do posed images, baby-led images or lifestyle images. You can find photographers that love light and airy, moody or simple and classic. Finding a photographer that you love is very important as it guarantees that you will have the images that you love. So look through their gallery as you do not want to pick a photographer and expect them to do something that is not their style.

Well I hope you enjoyed these tips in your pursuit of finding a newborn photographer near me. If I can be of any help please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.

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