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Today we would like to introduce you to Letesha who is the founder of Mother n’ Me.

Tell me about your business?

Mother n’ Me is a pregnancy/women related mobile spa and doula service. I serve Howard County and it’s surrounding areas! Currently, I offer in-home/private yoni steaming sessions up to small groups of 5. Belly facials to help reduce stretch marks during pregnancy and soften scar tissue postpartum. I also do vajacials (vaginal facials) combined w/ Brazilian & Bikini waxing. Lastly, I offer birth doula and birth photography services throughout MD and Washington DC.

balimore md photographerbalimore md photographer

How did you get started?

I got started when I graduated high school in 2011 with my CNA license. The first job I got was at my local hospital. I worked mainly in the ER but I floated a lot to their Mother-Baby unit because everybody else hated it, lucky me I absolutely loved it. In 2016, I graduated Esthetics school and worked as an Esthetician at Massage Envy for a couple of months. However, my passion is to fully combined Esthetics and Pregnancy-related services into one. So I then decided to pursue obtaining a birth doula certificate which I did in October of 2018. So, I’m one step closer to being DONA International certified doula which I plan to complete in May of 2019.

What’s your favorite part about your business?

My favorite part of Mother n’ Me is meeting new family’s and helping to educate, empower, coach, and prepare parents for birth, labor, and breastfeeding. I also love being able to capture precious moments in the labor room/area with my photography and of course, being able to help empower women all over the world using my talents in beauty.

Anything you’re looking to do next, new products, services, etc. that you would like to share?

My goal is to obtain Child Birth Education and Lactation certifications to be able to host parenting classes in the near future. I will be launching our VSteaming kits which will include a vaginal cleanser and natural herbal steam pack toward the end of this year. I also am working on creating natural belly masks for moms battling with stretch marks and postpartum scaring in the near future. I am also a professional makeup artist so this summer I will be opening up my schedule for moms who need to book a makeup artist for their maturity shoots or baby showers! I am currently offering free birth photography here in Howard County and it’s surrounding areas home, hospital or birthing center for low-income moms and moms of color.
I hope you enjoyed learning about Mother ‘n Me. If you like to see other community post click here. 


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