It’s another first Monday of the month and this time we are telling you about products that we think you will love. Here are some of our favorites.

Baltimore Maryland baby photographer Angela Singleton picks favorite baby products

Welcome Baby Set : having a baby is hard work and your body gave your baby everything it needed. Now it is your time to be pampered and rejuvenate your skin after delivering your beautiful baby. This kit has everything you need to get keep that glowing radiant skin.  made by Philosophy

The Nest : is a travel bassinet that is designed to hold  a babies up to about 9 months. This product folds flat and pops open really easy. It even has a little zip-up bug and sun screen if baby is an outdoor napper. Great product…a must see. designed by Phil and Teds

Tawny Raven Satchel : diaper bag have truly changed since the time I had my baby. I love the designs of this bag where it is a functional bag for all your diapering needs while still looking stylish. It has a   magnetic closure to keeps your things safely organized and feel free to roam outside with confidence. designed by JP Lizzy.

Revolution SE Stroller : So you loved running before you had your baby and you are looking for a stroller to take your baby out on a run. This stroller is perfect for babies 8 weeks and older or it can be adapter with their car seat adapter. Their “state-of-the-art” suspension system coupled with the major wheels makes it very easy to maneuver any situation you may face outdoors. This one is a little on the pricey side but it has great reviews. designed by Bob

Soft Books :  Each book is completely handmade , GOTS certified, and comes in a simple, yet striking 2 color combination with either garden, jungle or black and white animals inside. All of these books are great for babies they are drawn with black and white high contrasting patterns which is perfect for baby’s visual development. by  Wee Gallery

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