Welcome to the month of June for all things awesome about Fathers.

Superman Apron by Paper-Source: Every man deserves a superman apron as they are often working hard to bring the bacon home. I thought it would only be right to include an apron for the men since one was listed for the women.

Shaving Kit by The Art of Shaving: Do you like when your hubby has a baby smooth face after shaving? Well you must try The Art of Shaving Kits. They come in different fragrances and really does it’s job well.

Universal Charge by Blue Lounge: We are a digital era generation and often times we are looking for the correct plug of outlet to recharge. Why not buy a universal charger to make things easier on him.

Cigar Case by Tommy Bahama: A travel cigar case when you are going out of town…who knew. This handy dandy case is very neat for those that smoke a good cigar.

Handbag by The Frye Company: Tried of your man carrying his briefcase from college….how about you get him this leather briefcase from The Frye Company. It is sleek and stylish.

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