As you prepare for the arrival of your new baby, you will likely find you want to remember every moment of this special time. A maternity photoshoot is the perfect way to capture memories of how you felt to look back on in the years ahead as your child grows.

Whether you’re looking for images to share with family and friends on social media or art to hang on the walls of your home, we’ve put together a few tips for getting the most out of your maternity session.

Take time to plan ahead

I know, your to-do list is probably a mile long right now! But a little planning can ensure your maternity photoshoot goes off splendidly! Set aside time to pick out what outfits you want to wear for your photos. Be sure to consider the location and what shoes and clothing will be most comfortable to move around in. A maternity session is also a great excuse to get your hair and makeup done, so if you want to get all dolled up, be sure to schedule those appointments.

Have fun with poses

Your photographer will direct you into a variety of poses to capture you and your baby bump from multiple angles. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your images! Even if a pose seems silly or awkward, your photographer is an expert and knows just how to position you to get the best possible photos.

Get creative with your outfits

Spend some time looking at other maternity portraits to get an idea of what style you want for your images. If you want to look elegant and glamorous, a long dress can do the trick. And if you want something a little more casual, opt for your favorite maternity outfit, even if it’s just jeans and a comfy blouse. Be sure to wear clothing that’s somewhat fitted so you can easily show off your precious baby bump!

Include the whole family

Maternity photos also make great family photos and allow you to capture the love your family shares for one another—and for the new baby that is soon to make his or her arrival. These images can also help you track how your family has grown over the years when you look back on them.

Bring plenty of props

Look around your nursery for items you can use for props in your photos, such as toys, shoes or even some of those precious tiny outfits! Family heirlooms also make great props, so if you have any toys or blankets that have been passed down over the years, bring them along!

Go light on the makeup

You’ve heard about that pregnancy glow, and it’s real! So, don’t spend too much time putting on makeup and let your natural beauty shine through. Remember, your maternity photos are about the beauty and power of your body. Let’s show it off!

Relax and have fun!

When you book a maternity photoshoot with a professional photographer, there’s no need to be nervous! Be sure to ask your photographer about any questions you have and trust in their vision for your images. You’re sure to get photos you will love and cherish for years to come!

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