Your baby wakes up and is crying. You check their diaper, see if they are hungry, too warm or too cold, or just comfort them and rock and rock and rock them. But nothing helps….. so it is possible your baby my have colic or reflux.

Most mothers have restless nights due to their babies crying most the day and nights because they are uncomfortable. Some of my nursing moms talk about how they noticed that when they eat certain things they notice how it affects their baby and avoid those items. Other moms talk about no matter what bottle nipple they use their baby still have some kind of discomfort.

So….what do most moms do to help their babies? I have heard numerous mom state their doctor has either given medication as a remedies or tell them to try something more natural. A lot of moms are using Gripe water to help calm their baby’s stomachs and they call it a little miracle in the bottle. You can find Gripe water at local stores but if you want to save yourself a trip, you can also buy gripe water online. Colic Calm Gripe Water is a brand which touts an astounding 90% satisfaction rate and is regulated by the FDA (that means nothing in it to harm your baby).

But…. before you try this remedies clear this with your baby’s pediatrician first.  We would love to know any suggestion you may have to offer in the comment section below.

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