When using point and click or smartphone cameras, the number one complaint from people is how to get clearer images.  Do you find yourself trying to capture the perfect shot, only to find that everyone in the shot is blurry?  That can be so frustrating.  Try these quick tips the next time you find yourself in a photographic moment and see if your images come out much clearer!

Tip 1 – Light up your subject.  Whether this means going outside, going closer to a window, or moving into the available light in the room, the better lit your subject is the crisper the image will turn out.

Tip 2 – Hold still, and with both hands.  Our smartphones can be so small and lightweight that we find ourselves shooting pictures one-handed.  The movement from your hand can be a big reason for the blurriness in your images.  The next time you shoot, try holding the camera with both hands and holding it very still.  You’ll be surprised what a difference it can make.

Tip 3 – Clean your lens.  Smartphone cameras can get gunky lenses quickly when we keep them in our pockets, purses, cup holders in the car, and let the kids play with them.   Regularly clean your lens and you will be able to create the best and clearest images possible.

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