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When choosing how to display your professional images with mats, many people ask whether to use a mat with a frame or not.  Mats are a great addition to the entire piece of art that you are hanging, but some feel they are more of a distraction from the image.  The choice is always yours, but here are some things to consider.  Adding mats to your image can enhance your piece so that it looks more like art.  They come in almost any color, size, and can even be layered.  Mats can also be a huge benefit for awkward frame sizes.  And because they can easily be cut to any size, they can be used to help standard sized prints fit into a nonstandard frame.  One other benefit of using mats is that it creates a bit of space between the glass and the image and can help improve moisture attacking the image.

Others choose not to include a mat when framing their image for a variety of reasons.  One is they love to display their images as large as possible and don’t want the mat to take away from the size.  Mats also take attention away from the image.  When a picture has a fancy frame and mat around it, the eye looks at the entire piece and not just the image.  And some people simply prefer the look of a framed image with no mat.

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