Family…..what do you consider family to be?  Is it the nuclear family with a mom, dad, 2.5 kids or is a family to you a blended family household? Well it does not matter because Families today takes on different meanings and it does not mean your family is any less important or valued then the next family structure.  A lot of families that I have taken portraits of over the years had different structures : nuclear, single parent, same sex families, adopted and blended families. A Single Photo  loves meeting every family and it is a pleasure to tell their family history through portraits.

So….No matter what kind of family you have one thing always rings true and has the same feeling and that is LOVE. Whether it took you a while to conceive or you are a fertile myrtle or you waited months to adopt… remember it does not matter how your family was developed as long as there is love in your family. I find the most pleasure in capturing the newness of a baby from prenatal to the newborn session because I can truly feel the love during their family session.

One of the things that I promise to do is capture  life, love, and family in 2011. It does not matter if you decide to go to a professional photographer or take snapshots at home just make sure you capture the love of your family.

Wishing your family the best in this New Year.

Family photos in Maryland

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