When the walls feel a little too full of picture frames, it might be time to change it up or add something a little different to it. You can use any type of craft item, and in this case, we chose to add some nature to the design with our wooden circles. Here is how to make them:

Baltimore Photographer

1. Find a wide tree stump in the woods. (Really).

2. Make sure the width is what you want, and the length of the stump is long enough to make as many rounds as you are wanting.

3. Take the stump to a safe, outdoor area, and with an electric saw, protective glasses, and something to sturdy your wood with.

4. Next, eyeball the width you want your wooden round to be, and start sawing away on the log. This doesn’t need to be measured and exact. The imperfections give it character and make it look raw and authentic instead of store-bought.

5. Once your rounds are created, get some Command Velcro strips (found in most stores) and follow directions on how to apply them to your pieces and your wall.

6. After that is complete, find some of your favorite candid shots or special moments to display on your wooden round, and attach with a pin.



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