Today you will find people from every walk of life with very different attitudes.  You can find the poorest people on the earth that are truly happy, and you can find the wealthiest that are miserable, and vice versa.  Not only does a good attitude determine your happiness, but science now tells us that a positive attitude improves your health and extends your life.  So what can we do to improve our attitude and become healthier and happier?

Have gratitude for everything.  Gratitude can be the key that changes everything.  Oprah Winfrey strongly encourages everyone to have a “Gratitude Journal” to help you be more receptive to the goodness in your life.  She has personally kept them for years stating it is the single most important thing she’s ever done.

 Replace your negative thoughts.  It can be hard to just stop having negative thoughts, because then you are focused more on the negative thoughts and how to stop them.  An easier task is to replace them with positive thoughts.  Take a self inventory on your thoughts, find what isn’t serving you well and replace them with positive thoughts.

Look for good role models.  Finding and being around people with uplifting and positive attitudes can rub off on you.  This can be a friend, co-worker, neighbor or even a celebrity.  Role models help show you and inspire you to be a better person and live a better more positive way.





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