Baltimore Doulas | 3 Great Specialists to Assist Your Birth

baltimore doulas

Extra support during pregnancy and after birth may sound like a dream, but with Baltimore doulas, it’s a feasible and welcomed reality. If you want that extra care beyond your midwife or OB, these locations have exceptional professional caregivers who specialize in the support you desire.

3 Doulas in Greater Baltimore for Your Birth Journey

Greater Baltimore Medical Center

GBMC is a medical center with much to offer, specifically their Doula Touch Program. Their team of nurturing doulas provides invaluable non-medical support for moms after delivery, both day and overnight.  They help with breastfeeding success and bring emotional support during your time of change.

In addition, they diligently help keep the home running while mom is recovering. They are helping with things like running errands, transportation, meal preparations, light housework, laundry, safety tips, and even sibling and infant care! This accommodating facility is located at 6701 N Charles St. Towson, MD 21204. You can also visit their website to fill out an online New Patient Form before your appointment.

Doulas of Baltimore

With Doulas of Baltimore, you’re getting more than just one dedicated doula. You’re getting an agency ready to help you every step. This Baltimore doula agency proudly works with your OB/GYN or midwife to ensure your support and care are seamless and whole. Their dedicated services help new mothers thrive from pregnancy to parenthood and more.

Specializing in pregnancy support, birth support, in-home postpartum support, and childbirth and parenting classes allows them to provide customizable in-person or virtual support. So whether you plan unmedicated birthing, epidural assisted, or C-section, the Doulas of Baltimore are ready to help you feel supported, nurtured, and confident as you enter parenthood. You can find this harmonizing team at 6112 York Road, Baltimore, MD 21212.

The Womb Room

The doulas at The Womb Room are ready to be your sacred guide along your unique and empowering path safely and holistically. With multiple in-person or virtual doula care packages available, you can have the support that suits you best. Your birthing doula will help ground you, keeping you calm and focused during delivery while advocating on your behalf if needed. With her guidance, you will have access to community groups with other doulas and new moms to share your journey.

The Baltimore doulas at The Womb Room know support doesn’t stop when your little one arrives. These steadfast doulas are also eager to assist you after your baby arrives. They can help educate on newborn care and essential lactation support for a confident start. In addition, your doula can provide sibling support, newborn care, light household chores, and nutritional support so you can rest.  This nurturing and spiritual team can be found at 3355 Keswick Rd Suite 104, Baltimore, MD 21211.

Baltimore Doulas

While magical and fulfilling, navigating parenthood can be overwhelming and challenging sometimes. However, supportive and understanding Baltimore doulas can help make your new transition more manageable.

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