Are you looking for the best baby photographer in Baltimore? Well, look no further. To help you with this big decision, here are my top tips for choosing the perfect newborn photographer for your session!


1. Look at the photographer’s portfolio—do you like their style of photography?

Thanks to advancing technologies, there are so many ways to edit and manipulate images these days. So, as you’re browsing different photographers in your area, take note of the different styles. Are their photos very bright with muted colors, or are they dark and moody, with darker shadows? Do their photos look more posed or photojournalistic? Do they specialize in newborn photography? Once you decide on the style you and your partner love, then you can start narrowing down your options.


2. Make sure your personalities mesh well!

Your photographer will be holding your most prized possession, so you want to make sure their personality blends well with yours! Ask yourself if this person will make you feel comfortable handling your baby. Do you prefer someone really outgoing and bubbly, or someone who is a bit quieter, with calm confidence? You can get a taste of a photographer’s personality by reading their blog and social media posts. An in-person or video meeting are also a great way to get to know your potential photographer a bit better!


3. Consider budget but also remember that photographs are heirlooms.

Again, I know what you’re thinking here: Angela you’re really biased when it comes to newborn photography. And again, you’d be right! But I want you to take your focus away from your session day for just a moment and think about the next day, think about the busy days of feeding and changing diapers, and think about when you get a minute to yourself for the day.

After the nursery was decorated, the baby shower is over, and the decorations put away, all you have left are your memories and your photographs. Most things from your baby’s life you’ll either dispose of, give away, or sell; but your photographs are lasting mementos of the special occasion and all the joy you felt during that milestone.

Do consider your budget, but also remember that investing a little more in photography will pay off in the long run as you look back years from now on the day you began your life into motherhood.

I hope you’ve found these tips valuable as you are planning your session day! 

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