Baltimore Newborn Photographer

 As a mom, you pull things off. Difficult, seemingly impossible things. It’s what you do.

Getting kids out the door by 7 am so you can get to work? Check.
Negotiating with a menace (read: three year old) in the middle of the grocery store and keeping a tantrum at bay? Handled.
Teaching the toddler how to go potty so he can finally start day care? DONE.

Let me pull something off for you. As your Baltimore newborn photographer, I want to show you how great this can be…


Baltimore Newborn photographer
Baltimore Newborn Photographer
  • I’ll plan our session based on the end product you want. If you don’t know quite what you want,  I’ll ask questions about your home decor, and can even show you what photos would look like on different walls in your home.
  • We’ll plan your family’s outfits together with what’s already in your closet. Or, you can access my wardrobe to borrow something.
  • You can add on hair and makeup, so you can get glammed up right from your living room.
  • I will bring everything baby needs for your session — from a space heater to blankets to baskets.
  • During your session, I’ll make sure we get all of the images that are important to you taken care of. Your job is to relax.
  • When it’s time to look at your photos (and cry a few happy tears), I’ll help you sort through them. At your ordering appointment, we can decide on a collection and prints based on what will look best in your home.
  • When it’s time to install that stunning portrait in the nursery, I’ll send a professional installer. Your honey doesn’t need another honey-do item.
Baltimore Newborn Photographer
Baltimore Newborn Photographer

During your session, we’re in no rush

I’ll work at your baby’s pace


Whether your baby is awake and wiggly or fast asleep, I’ll work with them and gently place them into infant-safe poses. I know it can be nerve-wracking to hand your baby over to a photographer, but you are (of course) welcome to stay close to your baby and see that they’re okay.

There is always time for feeding, fussing, and diaper changes. Your baby runs the show here — we don’t need to hurry them.

I only take on one client per day, so you can rest assured I will stay until we’ve captured and bottled up all of that cuteness.

“Angela was just amazing! She was so patient and sincere; it is obvious how much she loves working with infants, and it was easy to trust her with my baby.

I enjoyed watching her photograph my daughter, and I really appreciated how comfortable she made me feel as she handled and positioned the baby.”

– Meagan

Home is where you and your family feel comfortable. And when you’re comfortable, it makes for beautiful photos.


That’s why I bring the studio to you.

When you don’t need to rush and manage everyone, it means you can be present with your family. And you’ll see that in your photos.

I’ll guide you through the whole session, so you don’t have to worry about what looks good. By the end, even your reluctant spouse will be commenting on how easy it was.

And when you look at your photos, you won’t see a stressed-out family trying to get the portraits done. You’ll see your family at your best. You’ll practically be able to hear your baby’s little snores, coos, and yawns. And you’ll feel proud to display your photos in your home (knowing framing, album selection, and installation is all going to be done for you).

Baltimore Newborn Photographer


Your Newborn Session Includes

  • Style and wardrobe planning
  • Pre-session design consultation
  • Personalized Cards
  • Hair and makeup for additional cost
  • Your in-home session
  • In-person (or virtual) photo reveal and ordering appointment
  • Wall portraits delivered and installed
  • Digital files with ordered images
Starting Investment: $1800


You deserve a personalized, done-for-you photo experience. And when you work with me, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Each stage of your baby’s first year brings something new

And with a Baby Plan, you can remember it all

Mix and match up to three sessions to document milestones throughout your baby’s first year, and receive a discount when you bundle them up front:

The newborn session: When your baby is the tiniest they’ll ever be, they have the cutest rolls, and their little hand can barely wrap itself around your finger.
The six-month session: This is about when your baby starts sitting up. This is when you get to share belly laughs together, and watch as those big eyes and toothless grins light up your world.
The one year mark: As your baby turns one, you really start to see their personality come out. Let’s capture their boundless energy, readiness to take on life, and connection with mom/dad/big siblings.
Baltimore Newborn Photographer
Baltimore Newborn Photographer
Baltimore Newborn Photographer

Every session includes photos of the whole family in addition to photos of your baby. Baby plans start at $3400 for two sessions.


I’m here to answer all of your questions

— make your way over to my Contact page and let me know how I can help.

But for now, here are some of the most common ones:



To get those early infant photos, make sure you get on my schedule no later than 30 weeks into your pregnancy. That gives me enough time to plan all the details and make sure our session is perfect for you. That said, there’s never a wrong time to create beautiful images of your newborn or your baby. If you’re outside of that time frame, do still go ahead and reach out. If a cancellation happens, I may be able to squeeze you in.

Yes. Siblings and grandparents are always welcome. I’ll ask during our consultation who will be at our session, so we can plan and coordinate wardrobe for everyone. 

Feeding, naps, and diaper changes are always okay. There is always time for what your baby needs. We can take a break, or capture photos of other family members while you attend to your baby.

As a mom and a social worker who specializes in child development, I understand tantrums. If your child needs extra time or care because some big feelings come up, that’s perfectly fine. We’re in no rush. And I can help get us back on track.

If you asked this question, I know we’re going to get along. Nothing is more important to me than your infant’s safety. That’s why I’ve done specialized training in how to safelypose infants. It’s also why I bring supplies with me to keep your baby comfortable during our session. I’m careful to keep the room at the right temperature, and to notice any signs that your infant is uncomfortable, so we can adjust. I’m also certified in infant and baby CPR.

You absolutely get to keep the digitals of the photos you order. I know you want to share your digitals with friends and family far and wide, and you should be able to do that.

I know this can be stressful, and I’ll help you with it. You don’t have to run around town shopping for the perfect thing. We can plan your wardrobe using items you and your family already have, or you can access my closet. If you shop for outfits online, you can also send me pictures to get a second opinion.

Getting your family up, fed, and dressed is plenty. I’ll take care of the rest. (Really.)

Ready to get the process Started? 

Reach out through my contact page. We’ll have a call so you can meet me, and so I can answer any questions you have.

From here on out, we’re in this together.