Whew, I had an awesome time in Canada at the Baby as Art workshop. I received the best newborn training from two awesome photographers, Carrie Sandoval and Brittany Woodall. These ladies were so down to earth and very knowledgeable regarding lighting our little subjects and posing. I have attended a lot of newborn training and this was by far the most comprehensive  information I’ve received. Watching these two work their magic together and moving around each other like a well oiled machine was amazing to watch.

 Jen’s insight into working with clients and managing a studio really helped. Looking into how someone else communicates with clients and making sure they feel they are getting the most for their investment was mind blowing. I left that workshop feeling like I need myself a Jen to help run my business.

We had attendees that traveled from Scotland, Australia, Hong Kong, United States as well as a few locals from Canada. I met some really awesome photographers. The first night I arrived in Canada some of the attendees got together to have dinner at the Skylon Tower. We were able to get to know each other before being thrown in to 14 attendees the next day. We were able to conversation about everyday life, talk shop about photography as well as our expectations of the workshop. Like most photographers who attend a lot of conferences and workshops you always worry if it is going to be worth the investment. It was even funny when one of the attendee stated she flew 30 hours to get to Canada and these girls better bring it. After the first day I asked how she liked the workshop and if Carrie and Britt brought it and she said yeah they BROUGHT IT.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be editing images from the workshop and presenting the 6 babies that we photographed. I am looking forward to presenting a new post possessing concept that I learned and hope to incorporate it into my new workflow. In the meantime I wanted to present some of the images that were taken of me with the awesome trio of Baby as Art as well as some behind the scene images. Hope you enjoy!

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