I would love to document your baby’s first year.

I love every single ounce of what makes a newborn so special – the baby rolls, their sleepy smiles, and their teeny tiny little fingers and toes… everything that is beautifully unique and special about your tiny baby.

I also enjoy watching your baby grow up. I love documenting those toothless grins and belly laughs that light up our lives during the sitting up stage.

And when your baby turns one, that’s when the personality and charm really starts to show! I love documenting this energy and their readiness to take on the world.

Being a mom is rewarding and challenging at the same time so allow me to take care of your baby’s first year.

All you have to do is have the people you love most ready when I arrive and I’ll take care of everything else.

Photography has always been my passion and I was one of those moms that thought I would take images of my baby when she was born. It didn’t happen and although I can vaguely remember how small she really was I miss seeing all those tiny details of the peach fuzz she had all over her body or her baby wrinkles. I did make up for those moments that were missed. I made sure she still has images she can look at now 23 years later but I wished I had those tiny details captured when she was firstborn.

Newborns are my absolute favorite! It takes a certain personality to be a great newborn portrait artist. Something you will find out about me, I have the most patience in the world. I believe it was a gift given to me as I have not had a baby I can not soothe. I often hear my clients tell me I am a “baby whisperer” and how they want to hire me to soothe their baby to sleep at night. I have been trained for newborn posing by the best in the industry and use proper techniques to ensure your baby is safe during our session.

The first two weeks of your baby’s life is such a special time. Your baby will never be this small, curly, and perfectly new again! I want to capture those tiny details, special moments, and life expressions in custom portraits that you will love forever.

Most clients tell me they had no idea how much preparation and detail goes into a newborn session. I take pride in making sure your baby’s portraits are a unique reflection of your newborn.

I would be honored to be the photographer that would capture these memories for your family. I began photography during the film days enjoying developing my own films in the darkroom back in high school. I absolutely love black and white images and still strive to get the effect of film development through my digital work. I also love the nostalgic feeling of looking through albums of my daughter as a baby. Digitals can not replace the tangible images and feels that come rushing back while flipping through the pages.

Some things you will find out about me:

  • Family is everything to me and I carry a very simple and traditional lifestyle spirit.
  • You can find me at Starbucks. I love coffee…Dark Roast.
  • I enjoy casual wear (jeans and sweatpants) but can get dressed up with the best.
  • I love primitive antique items, enjoy knitting/crocheting, and reading books.
  • Last but not least I love TV sitcoms; some of my favorites include This is Us, Blacklist, Blindspot, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, and Coming Home, to name a few.

I’m a member of Professional Photographer Association and an Affiliate Photographer for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.

I would love to have the opportunity to photograph your baby and get to know your family.