I am sure most of you heard on the news or read in the newspapers that you can no longer have portraits taking of your baby’s birth. Hospitals are not allowing photographs to be taken until 5 minutes after the baby is born. To some individuals they may not understand, but it is very important to some parents to capture their child’s beautiful journey through birth photography.

I know birth photography is not for everyone but not allowing a family to capture those memories saddens me. Birth Photography is a very intimate experience and I remember having the opportunity to photograph my nephew’s birth almost 11 years ago. I remember how emotional my brother and his wife was when they were blessed with a healthy baby. This was a special moment that they will be able to cherish forever.

To me this was a very important event that was missed and something I always regret that I did not remember to pack my own camera. When I had my daughter almost 14 years ago all I could remember was wanting to capture the very moment that my child entered this world. I remember daydreaming about how I would have these images of my child and being able to document those raw feelings when my baby was rested on my chest. I wanted to have all those images of my baby being weighted and getting her first foot prints completed. However, the only picture I have of my daughter in the hospital was when she had her hospital picture taken. I truly appreciate the nurse taking a picture of my child when she was all cleaned up with her cute stocking on her head. But, boy do I wish I had all the pictures of the family and friends that visited and were able to hold her for the first time.

I have always vowed to myself that if I ever had another child I would make sure I get those memories put on paper. However for now those images will forever be embedded in my mind but I will always wish I could of past on these tangible memories for my child.

Watch this wonderful birth Experience from a wonderful photographer.

The Birth Experience by Lyndsay Stradtner

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